Saturday, April 20, 2013

Did I ever tell you the one about my new venture?

OK, so, I think it may have totally slipped my mind - but I've been a busy girl lately! 

After quitting all of my craft 'work' responsibilities, I finally reconnected with the passion I used to have and I've been creating much more.  It's felt amazing!  I never wanted to fall in to the trap again where I had so much commitment that my passion for craft turned in to a chore.  When I discovered Clare Curd was opening her own shop, well - I just had to join her.  I absolutely love this woman, she's like a talented bundle of fun and positive energy - and we always have the craziest conversations, so I knew this could work! 

Well.. fast forward to a few months ago and I took on the role of Design Team leader - and GOSH do I love it! The girls I work with are just amazing, in every way!  They ooze talent, they're kind and they inspire me every day.  I can't see this ever feeling like a chore or zapping my creativity the way it did before.

Today, my work is featured and i'd love you to go check it out and see the amazing talent I work with!  So, without further blatherings.. here's my post!

Today I have two cards to show you featuring the 6x6 paper pad from Cosmo Cricket called '2wenty Thr3e'.  You can pick it up from here for a bargain £4.94 whilst our special offer discount is still running!

Cosmo Cricket 2wenty Thr3e Patterned Paper Mini Deck
Both cards feature the '2wenty Thr3e' Element Deck, £2.24, as the main embellishment to show that very quick cards and much inspiration can be achieved from this nifty little pad!

Cosmo Cricket 2wenty Thr3e Element Deck
So, here's card number 1:
Products Used: Cosmo Cricket 2wenty Thr3e Element Deck, Cosmo Cricket 2wenty Thr3e Patterned Paper mini deck,  Teresa Collins Everyday Moments Stamps,

For this card, I felt the image was too flat, so I cut and outlined two yellow rectangles and adhered them to the paper with foam to give a 3D effect.  I wanted to embellish the card but without being too fussy, so I stamped the Teresa Collins flower on to the same yellow and this created a visual triangle on my card - which gives it a better balance.  The Teresa Collins clear stamp also allowed me to add another greeting to the front because I could see exactly where I was stamping!

And on to card number 2:

Products Used: Cosmo Cricket 2wenty Thr3e Element Deck, Cosmo Cricket 2wenty Thr3e Patterned Paper mini deck, Paula Pascual Journalling spots clear stamp.
Once I had matted my Element deck sheet on to a scalloped border of patterned paper, I set about trying to make my own 'simple' embellishment by stamping journaling spots on to 2wenty Thr3e patterned papers and cutting them out.  I felt they worked really well and when layered up with scraps of paper and greetings die cut from another paper, the card was finished in a cinch! 
I'd really like to highlight these stamps, as they gave me a really clean impression and were a joy to use:
Paula Pascual Stamps - Journalling Spots
They have so many uses and could make any pile of paper scraps in to useful journaling blocks for scrapbook pages, cards and Smash books - or get inventive and use as jar labels or gift tags.  The possibilities really are endless and they've been a staple in my craft set!  £4.91 is a snap so grab your set from us today here :)
I hope you enjoyed my cards today and I wish you all a very warm and wonderful week ahead.

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Christine said...

Oooo...lovely cards Melvin. I shall look forward to more craftiness now that you are DT leader (congrats by the way :)) x

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