Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project Life Spread

I don't have any of the Project Life Core kits yet (well, I have the baby edition but that's another story!)  because I know I want ALL of the new guys coming out in May (bad, BAD Mel!) so i've been making do with the two Childhood editions I have - Wellington and Bridgeport.  I love the colours of these cards and have so far used them for every day life.  They're really so useful!

I like to keep my days all to whole page protectors (however many it takes) but that's just the OCD part of me coming out!

The bottom pictures here are so wonderful.  When gabe was a baby, his eyes would light up when the 'James Villas holidays' advert came on with the tune 'Happy Feet', so Lee would get Gabe's little Kermit and make it dance whilst singing the song and Gabe's face would beam with joy!  Over time, we just forgot about this - so imagine our joy when tidying up, we found kermit!  Gabe was in a tornado of behaviour - half clothes and half pyjamas (he'd just tipped a cup of his brothers pop down his jeans) and the house was upside down in the wake of his 6pm nightly destruction!  He stopped dead and just stared at Kermit.  Lee lifted him on to the table and did the song, I ran to get my camera faster than my legs could even carry me and his face lit up like christmas day.  As he held Kermits hands, my heart melted.  It needed a scrapbook page - it needed more than two photographs could say.
So here's the left hand side to accompany those photographs :)

'Happys' is what he says when he wants to hear the song.  I popped the lyrics down the right hand side and the story gets tucked away behind the photograph to keep the page 'clean'.

Sometimes, life just throws these moments at you.  It's days like this when i'm so glad I memory-keep.

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melissa cruickshank said...

I really love these pages, and after seeing your work I really fancy having a go at project life myself. I love how you're captured the moments in a series of pictures - which are fantastic in themselves.

Christine said...

Lovely stuff Melvin :) Loved reading the story behind the pics of Gabe!