Monday, March 25, 2013

Project Life Altering photographs

Looking back through old albums, I can deal with the really bad choices I made and the way the pages have dated (what do you mean fibres and slides aren't in fashion any more?) but the thing I hate is the photographs.  Most of them were interfered with - changed to awful black and whites, backgrounds blurred.. and.. and.. colour spotted!!  I know, forgive me!  I'd used cheap Poundland paper.. and over time the photographs have faded into a disgusting, yellowed mess - why oh why didn't I just use the originals and splash out on good paper?!

So, when my sisters birthday rolled around and I came to scrapbook it, I had this terrible urge to change the colours again using an action I'd created in Photoshop and was pretty in love with!

This is the high contrasted black i've been messing about with.  You  can see i've also got a bit of a thing for mists lately too - oops!  The background to this layout was actually the sheet I used to protect the table  from ink when I made 'Goodnight 6'.  It looked so pretty I couldn't throw it away!

My pages aren't embellished extensively like some of the PL's i've seen - I just don't have the time!  It's more important for me to clear the backlog rather than feel pressured in to making a masterpiece in every slot - that's what got me so far behind in the first place!

 This was all using the Childhood mini kits, Wellington and Bridgeport.  Totally amazing  how versatile those cards are and i'm loving the colours :)

If I've counted correctly, that's 27 photographs scrapped in one night! Not bad, eh?

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melissa cruickshank said...

Great pages! You and your sis don't half look alike. Love the main scrapbook page- especially the title.

Christine said...

Lovely lovely lovely work my dear. I still hate you! :P