Friday, March 29, 2013

Ooh Leaf - Glazed misting and mini alphas

I've always kicked myself for not picking up the world famous Studio G £1 set of mini wooden alpha stamps.  KICK!  I thought that wooden was not the best format for alphas, I can't see where i'm stamping - it will be wonky - a mess!  But well, wonky and messy is all the rage these days ;)

So, imagine my joy when I found a similar set in Hobbycraft for £3.  Ignore that it's £2 more expensive - it's been about 5 years since I regretted buying those aforementioned stamps.. £2 counts for inflation!? There's a whole array of fonts, but I managed to be a good girl and just get two sets!

I use so many tiny alpha stickers in my Project Life, these babies will save me a fortune!!

See how messy is all the rage?? *ahem*

Close-up to show the splats are glazed, raised blobs - so cool!

I love this boy, he can be so cheeky but he just gets away with everything because he's adorable!!

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Christine said...

I love your grungy stamps - I is well jel! Fab LO :)

melissa cruickshank said...

Gorgeous, the stamps are perfect for using on layouts of the kids. The washi tape looks fabulous!

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