Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hectic weeks!

Well, the problem with having a child in December, February and March, is that you get a bit burnt out by the time the last birthday rolls around!  They just had to stick Christmas in the middle too, didn't they? 

Funnily enough, i've been doing tons of crafting lately!  It's such a faff to upload though, but I love to have things down on my blog to share with friends.  The main reason I blog, is because if there was ever a fire or something happened where I lost the precious memories I have - there's a good chunk here on the blog!  Sometimes, it's great to just sit back and have a good read.

I've not been on the world of the internet - so blog visits, emails and online friends have took a bit of a backseat right now - please bear with me!

Without further adieu, here's a layout I created using photographs from Emilys birthday party:

My bestie Mel got me the Prima Doodle Deux papers for my birthday last year - it was quite funny because I HATED that range!  Anyway, I decided to give it a go and it's really grown on me - it looks much better once used ;)  I'm so thankful to her because it make me try something new and they're such beautiful products to work with!

Here's the layout as part of the birthday documenting:

I tried to keep the colours similar so the pages flowed.  Obviously, the top left hand side is missing here - that's a space for some journalling to be entered, when I get round to it!!

That's a phrase i've used often lately, 'when I get round to it'. ;)

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qwiksave said...

Hi Mel - From another one that has not been posting at all on my blog either. I've also been doing creative things, but uploading the photos, correcting and watermarking them and then writing about it all on the blog does seem a chore when you've got out of the habit {excuses, excuses}... Good reason you gave to do it though, have been wondering how to keep all our photos if the cds don't work in future...

I'm liking your page, great use of the edge punch too. Lovely photos as always...

melissa cruickshank said...

Charming - so you hated you birthday present!!!! The pages look great - especially those gorgeous papers and embellies!!!!!

Christine said...

I've never looked at blogging that way. I think you may have just inspired me to do it more often! Even if there isn't anyone out there reading my waffle, I will have it to look back on and that's all that matters, right? :)

I love these papers, how very dare you say you disliked them before but I will forgive you seeing as they have now grown on you! :)

Peace x