Thursday, March 28, 2013

Absolutely Fabulous using old Stash from American Crafts

I've been trying to use old stash lately and have really enjoyed 'shoppin' my own stash' to see what forgotten treasures lurked around! 

These American Crafts collection kits are timeless and very easy to throw on some extras from the buttons or brads pile.  (Admit it.. we all have a million brads that sit there crying, doomed to the cupboard because last time you used them, you dropped them on the floor and ended up on hands and knees at 4am picking up 15000 of them).

You see, not much stash used, but I do like my clean and simple layouts! (in reference to yesterdays post). 

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qwiksave said...

What a lovely picture, scrapbook page and words that you have written, love it!! How lucky you are also to have a girl to craft with!

Christine said...

You know I hate you for all your wonderful journaling. And what a lovely pic of Emily - I wonder what she was thinking as she's colouring her picture - she looks so deep in thought :)

Anonymous said...

This one is my favourite Mel, a lovely piece of work, so beautiful. Well done, it really made me smile and happy.
Sunshine Katie xxx

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