Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Skylanders Birthday Party

Logan, my 8 year old string bean, is Skylanders nuts.  I don't know what it is about the characters - but he just fell in love with them instantly!  Due to personal reasons, he can only have 1/2 hour max. 3 times a week on the computer (which is always so hard when his friends boast that their parents allow them to play all the night long!) but he spends a good chunk of time roleplaying with the figures and using his imagination.  It's such a fantastic thing!

I totally love my boy, exponentially.

With his 8th birthday fast approaching on the inconveniently timed 22nd dec, I decided to bite the bullet and allow him to have his best friend over to be spoiled rotten.  It's all he wanted!  I thought, "why not make more work for myself?".  I have a rampaging toddler, 3 lots of children's presents to sort (cheers Santa!!) and a birthday too.. so how about we custom make him a cake and a party?? I got nothing else to be doing!

It's fair to say, with the third child, I think my sanity got up and vacated the building.

So.. here's the room, ready for the boys to come in to:
 I want to say a HUGE thank you to Smyths in Telford for their help in getting me this Granite Crusher standee for my boy - they rock!
 The party bag consisted of pop, chocolate other treasures - all with custom labels.  The boys went nuts over it!  The gun (silly string) and coins are Skylander related, the parcel was a Skylanders annual and there were other little finds inside the bag :)
Then, daddy.. well, he really came through on this one!  Just look what he made!
 On the left is the Skylanders portal and on the right is the replica in cake form :)
You TOTALLY can't see it here, but the cake had LOADS of bright coloured layers inside which got all of the kids buzzing with excitement! (or was it the smell of sugar?!)
A fab day was had by all and the boy didn't stop beaming for weeks.  The only problem is.. trying to live up to these expectations with a little girls impending february birthday..
Does it ever end?!

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qwiksave said...

Someone was up very late last night! ;)

So that's where the silly string came from, bet they had a blast!

What a fab party! Both of you are so creative. That cake looks brilliant.

It's true though, the cycle of making fabulous themed parties is exhausting and what you do for one...

(I'm hoping that my husband hasn't got a secret party planned for my big one this month, I think they can be SO embarassing!)

Nicky x

Christine said...

Love how you've personalised everything!
Lee is one dab hand baker man - move over Mr Hollywood! x

Sylvia Anderson said...

Brilliant cake, my grandson love Skylanders x

melissa cruickshank said...

Great cake, I'm hungry!