Thursday, February 14, 2013

Smash* the memories stashed in boxes

I  was looking for my  heat gun the other day and came across a box full of special memorabillia.  It was sad to think that these tickets, love letters and receipts were all hidden away and forgot about.  After a quick flick through, I felt full of love, nostalgia and happiness.  It took me right back to the days when my husband and I first fell in love and how it felt to be carefree together. 
I'm always in a quandry about what to fill my Smash* books with.  I like things to have an order - for there to be a purpose.  But for this, I feel like I can let go.. let's get all those tickets stuck in, stamp the date and don't for a moment care if they're in chronological order! The memories I can reach in the far depths of my mind are ever decreasing - let's get them written down!
I wish i'd mentioned some of this sense to myself 10 years ago.  Oh I bet my thoughts were so different back then - I wonder how I will feel looking back at these journals in 10 years?
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Christine said...

Well done you at getting this stuck in your book! I've got large envelopes & carrier bags full of this kind of stuff *hangs head in shame*
Keep it up girlfriend! :)

melissa cruickshank said...

Great page - love the alphabet stickers and the barbed wire paper.