Saturday, February 09, 2013

Getting it all down on paper - Back to school

One thing that absolutely kills me, is the memories i've missed.

I didn't miss them at the time.  The hoovering waited and the 'me' time was always second best so that the memories were always seized with both hands and enjoyed without hesitation.  Kids grow, they don't wait.

The problem is, I didn't record them.  I shopped, I dreamed, I had every intention.  I bet this story rings true for so many scrapbookers!  Now, my brain is frazzled and all the precious moments I promised to record, I swore i'd never forget.. they're fading. 

Sometimes, i'll be triggered to remember an amazing long-forgotten memory that made us so happy, that I adored, and I freeze in remorse to think how many other i've forgot. 

I need to let go of this block, of this fear that i'm not good enough - that my art is not good enough.  It's not what I do it for.  I do it to remember - and i'm missing out.

So, here's something I want to always remember - the kids first day back at school.  It breaks my heart every year after an amazing 6 weeks of fun together, but I love their fresh, new uniforms, their smiles.. and comparing the photographs with years gone by.

Crappy cam again.. I'll get to use my new one soon ;) (These are old pics)

Hope you're having a fun week and recording it!

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qwiksave said...

I'm the same, wishing I'd recorded some of the funny things the children have said and done, the time just goes so quickly!

Please don't worry about thinking your art isn't good enough, it really is and I aspire to be as good at scrapbooking as you.

I've been choosing the spanking new DSLR camera today that I'll be getting for my birthday in 10 days, really exciting and I can't wait!!

'See' you soon,
Nicky x

Sylvia Anderson said...

Cherished memories x

Christine said...

Oh don't get me started on not recording things at the time - my memory is shocking so when it comes to scrapping old pics, I stumble on the journalling behind it. I can just about remember the when, who, where but it's the 'emotions' & 'sentiments' I don't seem to remember.
This is a lovely page & I have a feeling I'm gonna nick your idea of the border - I have lots of papers that have a small motif/picture in the corner & I never know how to combine it with the photos - your page flows! (and rocks)


melissa cruickshank said...

Gorgeous page - love all the washi tape!