Monday, February 04, 2013

Flying high

My husband has always wanted to follow his heritage and become a pilot in the RAF.  When he discovered he had scoliosis, a spinal disease, we had to accept that the dream would never come true.  It's been a long, hard road of acceptance and patience, but we try to see the positive in everything and make the very most of every single day.

So, for christmas 2011, my mum thought it would be fabulous to send him on a flight experience.  An hours flying with an instructor - perfect!

We had an amazing day and by the end of it, he was discussing shares in aeroplanes and all sorts!  Hubs was a natural and ended up piloting the whole flight himself, including take off and landing - he was over the moon (and up in the sky!).

So.. I created this layout, adding a few bits from the day.  I needed to way to display a lot of photographs and found a combination of one 12x12, a smaller 6x8 and then a (split in 6x4) 12x12 page protector was just right.

 Yes, these photographs are awful and the colours are off.. apologies in advance but they were took with my naff camera!

 No, my house is not filthy - we just had a silly string fight.. hence the spattered window and covered floor ;)

It drives me bananas that those few pics are sideways.. but I have some page protectors on the way to fix it - A HA!!

I've since found his certificate and lanyard, so they will be added too - I just love having this memory all in place and scrapbooked so the children and ourselves can look back and remember the details, whenever we please!

Now for the other 20,000+ photographs..

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qwiksave said...

What a great event to document and a great memory to have.

Your little one looks so cute standing up at the window in his little hat and Spiderman shirt.

I got my husband one of these flying experiences years ago and he loved it too. It doesn't appeal to me though, I hate heights!

Nicky x

Karen said...

What a brilliant pairing, your hubby's fab experience and your beautiful artistic way of documenting this special event. A dreamy experience that will stay with him forever.

My hubby has his private pilots license and it took him until he was 50 to be able to afford to do it, but he too realised an ambition he had had since he was 14 years old. Me, I go with him under sufferance.. not really my thing lol

Karen x

Christine said...

Love your LO of Lee. The paper is perfect for it! What a fab experience!
Wouldn't catch me doing something so nutty though!

melissa cruickshank said...

Fab pages, I love how you've got the 12x12 and then the 6x4 pics, and I love the huge C!