Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beautiful - Echo Park strikes again!

It's so easy to scrapbook my daughter Emily.  She loves posing for photographs, she's a character - and I get to use lashings of pink and glitter!

I really felt as if I was back 'in the game' with this layout.  I feel like i'm starting to get comfortable and it feels great! 

I'm really in to sequins at the moment!  They're a bit like leggings.. reknowned as a fashion faux pas for us eighties kids.. and then suddenly they're the biggest thing going!

How did I ever breathe without washi tape and doilies? Must have been a half-filled crafting life!

.. oh and roller date stamps.. and mists!! Although, my misting always looks a bit like something Dexter needs to analyse..

Now, if I could just get a spare hour to myself then I could create more..

.. not to worry.. the more time spent running after children, the more stories i'll have to tell!  Oh, they're going to be sorry when I bring the albums out for their partners in the future!

(Just kidding!)

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Christine said...

Mwahaha...that's what I do now with my girls albums - it's a mothers right!

This is beautiful Mel (as is Emily) x

melissa cruickshank said...

Really pretty layout. I really love the sequins (I'll have to dig mine out), and I love the glitter card. The misting looks fab!

qwiksave said...

Yay to you being back to your old scrapbooking self! Lucky us too 'cos it means we get to see your wonderful layouts.

Love the way you have managed to get the focus on to Emily's eyes, perfect! x