Sunday, February 10, 2013

Anniversary card

This is one of those occasions where i'm going to have to tell you the card is beautiful in real life and you'll have to just believe me!

I've also just noticed that this card seems to have fallen apart too - oops haha!!

It was made in october last year for my hubs (of course) and with 3 kids tearing about the place, it's done well to survive haha!  So yes, a half battered, badly photographed card - just thought i'd share it  today.  ;)

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Sylvia Anderson said...

This is stunning x

Kate M said...

You don't have to tell us that this beautiful - we can see that!!

Christine said... it! Bet Lee did too. Now put it away somewhere safe ;) x

melissa cruickshank said...

Really classy, elegant card, I really like how you've tied the two ribbons together.

qwiksave said...

We can tell this card is beautiful, it looks so classy.

Just put a dob of glue on here and there and it'll be as good as new!