Monday, January 07, 2013

Starting a new year.. 13.. lucky for us :)

As the new year approached, I knew that this was going to be a big year, a year of celebration and happiness, but how could I put effort in to it so that this year would always be memorable to me?
I have dreams, so many items on my bucket list to complete.  Some from childhood, some personal and a whole load my husband  and I dreamed together.  Right now - those dreams are on hold, because i'm living a different dream - a dream that won't wait and won't last the same way forever.  The dream of being a mum.
Gabriel still wakes at night and finds it terrifying if anyone else is to attend him other than his mummy - I know i'm a sucker - but all overnight excursions without his presence are a big no-no.  Then there's my son Logan - the smart cookie, who finds change so incredibly hard.  If I was to go away for a long length of time, he'd manage alright - but I know he'd find it incredibly hard.  I don't want his life to be hard for my dreams.  Dreams can wait.
So.. I wanted to do 30 things for thirty.. and I asked for suggestions.  Some were amazing challenges, some were downright idyllic.. but I couldn't do anything overnight alone or lengthy stays without children (see previous paragraph!) so this final list may seem boring - but it's just some personal challenges for me to achieve!
There are no swimming with sharks, bungee jumps or weeks away in Rome - but there is a woman who has been nothing but a mum and wife for 8 years, highly anxious of social situations and incredibly shy (despite most thinking i'm an extrovert - oh if only you knew) and this woman is commiting to some things that make her hyperventilate inside!
So - thank you for your support and joining me on my journey!
Here we go...
My last 6 months of  being 29..
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teacakemake said...

I've already turned 30 but back in September I set myself a '30 in 30' which is 30 things to do in my 30th year. Good luck with your list!