Thursday, January 10, 2013

I think i'm back!!

Well, it appears i'm back in the land of creating - hurrah!

It's hard to face the challenge of engaging your brain to sift through 3000 pieces of patterned paper and arrange them in to some sort of memory preserving masterpiece - on 3 hours sleep!  It's been a LONG road breastfeeding.. but i've survived and i'm here to scrap the tales!  Don't cower.. there shall be no pictures of 'boobas' in sight!

What a woman. I know. I'm so amazing, I can hardly bring myself to use anything less than Bazzill cardstock!

So, I created a layout.. well, i've created a few.. but here's one for now :)

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qwiksave said...

Wahey, I'm so glad you are back! And as a big fan of your work, am so pleased to see a scrapbook layout. Love the materials and colour scheme. Toddlers, eh, aren't they great(!) when they start knowing exactly what they want!

I remember breastfeeding and towards the end feeling just like a cow! lol. I did keep it up for 18 months though and stopped when I wanted to go on holiday.

Thanks for the comment on my blog today and I will be on MSE to give you my details shortly. x

Christine said...

Beautiful page Melvin - love these pics of Gabe x