Thursday, January 31, 2013

A card for a special friend

As i'm sure my 'BFF' will contend, when it comes to sending birthday cards - i'm a hot mess!  Every year she sends me a gorgeous, handcrafted piece of art and every year I fail to make her one in return - how terrible am I?!

Well, this year.. I promised myself that things would be different.  No longer would I be such a let down to my beloved friends..

So here's a card I made for the awesome Christine who just rocks! She's always so much fun, has a wicked sense of humour and can shop like no other.

As I cut in to my beloved, hoarded and treasured MME, I heard a thousand angels weep.  It was a sad day but I needed to let go.. *deep breath* it's time to actually USE my stash..

Well.. it's just a card.. but cards are totally not my forte.. so, be understanding for me!! :)

P.S - thank you for taking the time to come read my blog - if I didn't come to visit you, it's because i've been SUPER busy at the moment (hence no posts on here!) so bear with me and know I DO care!!

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qwiksave said...

Thanks so much for your glowing comments on my post today, cheered me right up they did.

Great idea to do homemade cards, I was thinking I'd do that this year too, they are so much nicer to receive. Liking this one you've made, it has a lovely vintage-y feel to it.

See you back in Blogland soon! Nicky x

Christine said...

Your card (now my card) is awesome dude! I *heart* it. It's a keeper - thank you sooooo much x

melissa cruickshank said...

Gorgeous card!