Friday, October 05, 2012

Stormforce 10 and memory failure

Whilst at Drayton Manor (did I already mention we went to Drayton Manor?!) I spent most of the day entertaining Gabriel whilst Logan and Lee were thrill seekers! Emily went on the occasional big ride but she likes to stick with the fun fair style.  We saw Storm Force 10 and I decided we was going on!  With daddy as babysitter, I led Emily there.. promising it wasn't scary at all.  As we entered our seat, I suddenly felt incredibly nervous about this!  It appears my memory has failed me as the ride had quite steep drops and poor Emily was terrified! I felt like the worst mum in the world.

When the ride finished, she cheered and whooped with the biggest smile on her face, exclaiming 'I DID IT!!!'.  I treated her to some sweeties (my guilt!) and she spent the rest of the day walking around as if she was the bravest kid on the block.  I promised I wouldn't tell daddy she was scared!

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Christine said...

A lovely pink girly LO :)Love the cut out swirly paper.
Emily is such a pretty thing!

Dappyme said...

Aww Mel, lovely to see you scrapping again. Love this layout and the sentiment behind it. X