Saturday, October 06, 2012

Down the Opple Tree..

Every saturday we go to visit nan and enjoy a family meal, eating far too much cake and squirting cream all over the place.  That's just us adults! As she's got older (80 in a few weeks!) we've taken to cooking her meals or going out down the road for local pub grub - 'The Apple Tree'.  With her Black Country roots, nan pronounces it 'Opple' so the kids have picked this up as the name haha. 

So, everytime we go to nans.. Logan now charges in and sniffs the air verociously to see if dinner is on.  If he smells the chicken in the oven, he goes in a massive strop (although he always proclaims nans dinners to be the best thing he's ever tasted, much to my dismay!).  Chicken smell = no trip to the apple tree LOL

Look at the size of those dinners! We found out that Logans fave meal, a full English, is cheaper on the adults menu than a kids meal.. and he always finished the plate off!  He's a growing boy.

And that's three layouts this week... count them.. three!!

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Dappyme said...

Gorgeous Mel, food looks good too. lol
I love the misplacement of the title. Great journaling to, something I must do more of! X

Christine said...

OMG! look at those mahoosive chips! mmmm...can almost taste that grub!

Love the story behind your LO - writing stuff down frightens me - I'm not very creative with words!

Great LO - it captures those every day or should I say weekly moments! :)