Thursday, July 26, 2012

Resisting Paint

I have a thing about watercolours - I just can't resist them! 

They're so forgiving to an amateur like myself, who has the artistic abillity of a seal. (sorry seals, i'm sure your flappers can't hold a paintbrush 'n' stuff!)

So.. this summer, myself and the kids are on an adventure to Smash book together, taking this class:

We're having an awesome time.  Each day I have found myself bombarded with requests to work on their books **RIGHT NOOOWWWW** and for fear of them actually exploding, I try to make sure we get our time each and every day!

So, i'm teaching them to use new mediums and broaden their minds.. what else can they add to their pages? And to be honest.. I'm not finding myself useful.  No.

The little devils are inspiring me!!

So, with my tail between my legs (that's purely a saying, may I add!) I had a little play at a thing I used to do.


And here's the result:

I always get a kick out of prettying up a plain piece of white card!

Hope you're having a great summer too!

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