Friday, January 06, 2012

Stash: Incoming! Plus a badly shot baby card

It's been so long since i've been here at this familiar place.  The place where I have lovingly uploaded so much of my life and my creations.

A place where I connect with those who 'get me' and share in what I do.

I've taken time out to refresh my batteries.  It was so long since i'd last crafted, I mean REALLY crafted and dug in to something amazing for me.  Something that excited me and made me want to upload right that instant.

But then I did create something.. oh and boy, it was one of the best creations I ever set eyes on:


Gabe, aged 9 months, nannas house.

*Oh, hai!*

So i've been focusing all of my love and  attention on family, on kids, on enjoying moments i'll never get back again - and 2011 was amazing! I feel complete, I feel positive and I feel happy.  Trully happy.

I'm getting more free time now, so I knocked up a quick card for the 52 card challenge over on UKS, run by the very talented Nat of Kool Kitty Musings.

My sister is expecting so I thought it'd be nice to knock up a little something although I really dislike the end result:

Well, it's a start isn't it? I've completed a challenge, used up old stash.  It feels great!  Shame about the crappo picture thanks to winter nights!

Lastly.. on the mention of stash...

Thank you Sarahs Cards and Jackies Fabrics for your awesome bargains!

Well.. you can't use it up without replenishing 10 fold!? Stash diet?? Pfft! They're for the weak!

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Padster said...

What a cute wee man - lovely to "see" you hun yummy stash :c) xx

Claire said...

Ooh, lovely new stash! Great card, love the inside which I didn't see on the 52 cards thread :)

Anonymous said...

Gabe looks adorable - love the shirt!! Love your card too especially the cute sheep and star - well done for crafting again - hope you keep it up - I love seeing your creations! Fab stash too - especially the sticker sheet - is it October Afternoon?

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie Gabe is. I am loving the look of all your new stash too, enjoy being creative.

scattymam1 said...

Ahh so glad to see you back, i've missed you xxx

Anonymous said...

So lovely to have you back Mel!!!! :-) Congratulations on your gorgeous little boy. Ss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx