Monday, March 14, 2011

Update on life.. and a card!

It's monday 14th March.. and i'm still stuck here! 5 days overdue.. and to be honest, I'm absolutely relieved. 

This past week has been hell for me.. Lee broke his ankle and selfishly left me a single parent ;) I never knew how serious breaking an ankle was.. and now my husband is finally home after a week with a lovely metal plate, screws and some pins.. plastered up to his knees! We have to inject him every day for the next 6 weeks with anti-coagulants (see that medical term there.. 10 seasons of CSI paid off) but it's good to have him back.

I should have took and posted a picture of my ginormous belly (because you so want to see that!!) but my washing machine has died, so i'm resorting to wearing an old hoody today and it's very attractive.

Anyway.. on with the card.. because we all just scroll past this boring stuff to get to the pics anyway, right?

This card features some of the gorgeous Birdsong Filigree paper from Papermania, ancient ribbon that i'll always love from Chatterbox and more luscious American Crafts Letterbox papers... you can get so many looks from that one range.. I love it!

I hope you're having a more peaceful week than me ;)

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qwiksave said...

OOh, so exciting! But poor you too. I remember my husband having severe ear ache during one of my births and I gave him absolutely no sympathy! lol. But seriously, what awful timing on the ankle injury. Hope you have some other people around that can help out with you and your new addition when the time comes.

Liking that Birdsong Filigree paper and its from Papermania? Maybe I should go hunting... lol.

All the best for the new arrival, maybe next post will be the baby picture..


Lou said...

Gorgeous card hun, thats one lucky recipient getting that :) hope your all ok xxx

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card hun, looooooving it!!!!!!!!! xxx
Thinking you all, lots and lots. Check ya emails, baby. ;-) Ss xxx

Chocolate Orange said...

Beautiful card Mel.. Hmmm i hear that a congratulations is in order ;O) xx

qwiksave said...

Just popped in to check whether there was any news.... and if Choccy is right, then a BIG Congratulations from me too! Hope everything went well and all of you are recovering well too. Looking forward to your next post. xx

Uhooi said...

waw,, This card is very nice, beautiful and creative,,