Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Predictions For 2011

Around 2 years ago, when I actually scrapped (little dig at myself there), I began to find my comfort and style within modern vintage and lashings of Prima for good measure.  I remember cockily predicting, 'vintage is going to be the next big thing.. everyone will be doing it' and as 6 months rolled past - I noticed the trend slowly creeping into shops and across pages as distressing was no longer left to the altered dare devils.  Then it exploded - Prima must have been the only company (well.. and Apple) to do such a good trade in the economic crisis!

I just get a sort of 'feeling' for these sorts of things..

So without further adieu, here is my feeling for the future..

Old Skool scrapping is back!  People are going to revert and enjoy going back to the days when you couldn't buy the huge selection we have now.. and do it themselves! DIY is THE word. 

- Magpie finds (salvaging buttons from old clothing, labels etc)
- Using 'Old Skool' Stash - Zips and fibres will definitely be making a return!
- Rebelling against the expensive ready made embellishments.. creating our own unique flowers for example!
- Old Skool techniques.. ones we cringed at - cutting people out from photographs - the works!

As for styles?

I predict that
- We will see a rise in art techniques, more melting pots, glimmer mists and painted textures
- People are going to revert back to using photographs 'just as they are' instead of photoshopped, lifeless images that are contrasted to within an inch of reality.
- No longer will we stare at pages full of embellishment but no journalling - journalling is coming back BIG!
- The other side of scrapbooking are going big on bright, contrasted clean colours.  Black and white shots, layouts as beautiful as a rainbow.

We're still all about the shabby chic too! We're talking amazing combinations:

- Peach, silver, lilac and cream - the vintage, soft and beautiful pages full of intricate detailings, handcutting and added extras.
- Red, teal, buttermilk and black - Shabby and retro, loads of inspiration from old advertisements and books

So, these are just my silly predictions!

Let's see how the next year rolls out.. either way, i'm really excited to delve into a brand new world of scrapbooking and find who I am again.  I miss that creative outlet.

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