Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Card Using 5 Year Old Fibres!

So we're going all out on this card..

Handmade Mulberry paper in a bright and garish colour - CHECK!
Fibres that have been hanging about for half a decade - CHECK!

(hang on.. I'm sick of typing check now..)

Well.. here it is, I used some old stash (very old) and some new releases from DoCrafts that are great quality but not my cup of tea..



I like the way the gorgeous new 'Birdsong' filagree paper, Die Cut Butterlies and fibres sort of work together to create a soft and natural looking card.  There's lashings of American Crafts paper hidden under there too!

I think I often neglect the insides of cards.. and why, when I have so many offcuts and papers that are not my first choice but would look so pretty inside the card?

Maybe you could look through your old, unloved stash and give a few items a new life.. your eyelets are looking at you with puppy dog eyes as I type..

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melissa75 said...

Gorgeous card Mel, love the die-cut flower card (can't think of the right word for it), it looks really pretty with the gems in the middle. Fab butterflies too (I love butterflies).

qwiksave said...

Yay! So pleased to see your creations again. I've always admired your style and have missed my 'fix'. Dare I say Papermania/DoCrafts aren't often my style?! Or do I need to wash my mouth out with soap? lol. Maybe because a lot of it is 'pretty' which I don't do! I do like the die cut on the front of your card though and the fibres and inside swirls... x

Padster said...

My eyelets looked at me this morning so I used one lol! I have some fibres lurking somewhere though............
Love the card

Christine said...

Love the card Mel - I must admit to forgetting the inside too! Will have to dig through my offcuts to pretty up the inside of my cards too.
Thanks for the inspiration

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaahhhhh hun, how gorgeous!!!!!!
I am sooooo in love!!!!!!
Nice to see you back and your beautiful work. Missed you loads!!!!
Ss. xxx