Monday, August 16, 2010

These things make my heart melt!

So, sometimes.. I see things and fall in love.  Now, it's a double-edged sword.  On one hand.. i've found something totally cute and perfect.. on the other.. Gawsh.. am I getting too old for this?  Are people looking at me as I pay at the counter and hoping that this is for my daughter?:

Well it's darn well not for her.. it's all mine! She tried to steal it and I let her ruffle it about the garden for a bit, laden with teddy bears.. but it's MINE!!

This cute little rucksack was a bargainous £6.99 from Matalan and they had a range of towels and lunchboxes to match. 

I've lusted after these shoes for so long:

But they're too expensive for me right now.  How can I justify these when I can take the kids for a day out at the beach with the money?!

SO the rucksacks a halfway house ;)

But don't think I won't be getting me some Irregular Choice babies to line up next to the TUKS for christmas.. *shoe fetish* hehee!!

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qwiksave said...

Wow! Those shoes! Have they really got tags with a monkey and icecream?! And those heels!! The old lady in me is saying "How can you walk in those?" and the young one is saying, "Just let me try!" (I secretly like young kid's stuff too - and at least we've got kids to pretend that we are buying them for, he,he).

Great to see you blogging again!

Katy said...

OMG there is no such thing as too old for that rucksack!!

And the shoes??? Swoon! I'm sure those are the sort of shoes that let a girl snag a movie star!