Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pimp My Laptop!

My laptop used to be a really boring Black affair with the logo emblazoned across the front.. nothing very interesting!

So imagine my joy when I came across a selection of covers in Home bargains for.. 49p!! The one I LOVED was quickly snapped up by a lady infront of me, but then I found this amazing pink design that has angels on which is perfect for me, being married to 'The-Arch-Angel' haha :)

Once finished, I used some gorgeous medieval font rub-ons to add our family name to the banner and one of my fave epoxy butterflies (Remember what I said before, you don't need a reason for butterflies!)

I'm in love with my new laptop.. 49p! Thank you Home Bargains :)

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sh3ri3 said...

Looking good! Gotta love home Bargains

Darcy said...

wow that looks so cool, I am off to the shops tomorrow.

Sarah A said...

Thsi is FAB Mel and what an amazing bargain!!

Sarah x

Darcy said...

thanks for the tip, i got mine today and one for a friend.x