Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cherry On Top Award

I just received an award from the lovely Sh3ri3 over at

How cool is that?  Thank you!!

Now, I don't usually bother with awards as it makes me feel a bit large headed but i've done a major cleaning on the house today.. so I damn well deserve this :)

After getting the award you have to:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award.... Thank you Sherie you lovely lady :) x

2) Post the award....

3) List 3 things you like about yourself:

i) I give my kids and husband the best, most love-filled life I can, i'm devoted!

ii) I can look at any piece of patterned paper from the past 7 years and tell you the manufacturer and range name.. sad or what?!

iii) I'm totally bad ass. Just kidding.  I make my friends smile, loads.

Now do I get to do 1000 things I dislike about myself?! :)

4) Post a favourite photo

This is from Lee's birthday party when I hired a full ring and wrestling show for him and our guests.  We met these great people from his online fed, it was so special.  Yes, we are all freaks.

5) Pass it onto 5 peeps!


I'd love to pass this award onto:

Mel - - She makes gorgeous things and is adorable.
Katie - No bloggingtons - Just because I love her ;D
Lou - - Awesome girl, awesome makes!
Emma. B - because you rock sis!
and lastly..

give it back to the girl who gave it me :) Thanks Sherie!!

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1 comment:

sh3ri3 said...

Bless you lady mel. Love the pic i bet your hubby had a great birthday xx