Monday, June 21, 2010

Katy Godbeer is a slave driver.. and other lies..

Wow.. to quote the amazing Sue Sylvester;

'It's as barren as me in here...'

I've been away and I really have no excuses.  I mean yeh.. I've been delivering a baby, moving house and crafting like a cheap slave.. but aside from that.. how lazy of me, right?

With that over.. let's get on to the lame crafting efforts I have to share with you today.

Hello this is 2007, Cosmo Cricket wondered when you're going to use those paper packs. Ack!  Ancient paper used, CHECK! Inkadinkado-rocktastic-stamps, CHECK! Using up the 2 million DoCrafts alphas I have lying about.. ABSOLUTELY CHECK!

You don't want to read my soppy ramblings, so ignore that.  I'm too cool, remember?!  The kids got to decorate inside here... isn't it so cute.. LOVE the Logan and Emily courtesy of Basic Grey Stamps.

The kids both made daddy cards too, Emily loves her cardmaking and 'scwapbookings' so I can't work anymore without her invading my space and begging to use the new Docrafts punches:

Promising me that she will be ' so very carefuls!'  My little darling :) She has good taste though, I seriously love these border punches and they feed my unhealthy Martha addiction at only £3.99 a go.. PHEW!!

Here's her gorgeous card she made just for me:

Not bad for a 4 year old :) Think the photographer needs sacking though!

I picked up this most gorgeous set of stamps when I went to the Hobbycrafts show in March.  The little boy looks exactly like my son so I couldn't wait for an oppurtunity to use him!  Unfortunately.. DISASTER! The stamps are absolutely useless and wouldn't ink ;(

Solution: Soap? nope, did nothing.  Loads of strong tape to take off the sticky? Nope, nothing.
SANDPAPER! Yes seriously, I was recommended to sand my acrylic stamps.  Sheer barbarism really! But it worked!!

I'll leave you with the gorgeous new niece that I birthed, it was one of the most rewarding and emotional experiences of my life and i'm honoured that I was chosen to share it.

♥♥ I love you Ellie Melanie Judith Evans ♥♥

Promise I won't leave it so long next time!

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sh3ri3 said...

Hello Stranger,

Glad to see you still have your mojo!
Stunning pic of the new arrival


qwiksave said...

OOh, you're back! Yay! Missed you (um, in a non-stalkerish way ;-) Love the card and I think delivering a baby and moving house are pretty good excuses for not doing your blog, I'll have to remember that one! lol (only joking, great to see you back in Blogland) xx

scattymam1 said...

I opened my blog dashboard this morning and said 'yeay' as I saw u'd posted, missed you mate. Congrats on being an aunty again, and can't wait to see more of your inspiring projects soon xxxxxxxxxx

Katy said...

Scandalous!!!! I'm officially *fake* offended! You just wait Marshall!