Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And the award goes to...

The ever gorgeous Clare Curd has gave me a lovely blogger award:

How cute is that!

SO, the rules state that if you accept the award, pass it on to 12 more people who then must link back to you and choose 12 people of their own.  PHEW!! Here goes!

Katie Sunshine (Private Blog!)
Scattymam (Link witheld until permission granted to share!)

and lastly.. my husband.. who's blog would be of no interest to you!! :)

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scattymam1 said...

permission granted melanie dear, u can linky me up, not sure I know 12people who have blogs mind, I shall but try though, big kisses to you for thinking of me.
I have been trying to take photos of my scrapbooking layouts tonight and my battery ran out so I shall try uploading them tomorrow

sh3ri3 said...

Aww Thanks Lady Mel. Big Hugs xx

Lou said...

ah thanks hun, i now need to pass onto 12 people...ummm...not sure I have 12 but will see.

Can I send one back to you? :) xx

Katy said...

Thankyou!!! But not sure I know 12 people! Will try!

qwiksave said...

A belated 'Thanks' from me too. Another thanks too - I got all the Promarker colours you recommended.

Looking forward to seeing you back in Blogland!

Nicky (qwiksave)