Saturday, March 20, 2010

Promarker Tutorial/Tips - Clothes and fur

It's a great day today.. I had a present in the mail from my darling friend.. how cute!!

We're a day late already, so let's begin right!

Tip: Before you begin colouring in your image, decide which direction your light source will be coming from to ensure your shadows all match up!

With the image we started yesterday, focus try to focus on where you want the shadows in clothing to be. Take your Cornflower and create those dark spots!

Usually, we would always have the dark colour first.. but this time, I'm going to now take a Blue Pearl and think about the folds and recesses in clothes.. really focus on your lighting and don't be afraid to experiment.. it all adds to realiism!

Now we're going to start blending.  Colouring in circles with your Pastel Blue, Begin to bring all of your shades together.

Remember, you can add more shadows.. more texture.. as long as you go back over with your lightest colour :)

I don't want my colours to contrast or fight on this image.. so i'm going to use a lot of browns and keep it all complimentary. 

Start to fill in your shadows with Cinnamon..

I like to colour objects directionally in the shape they are.. in this instance the wheels!

Go over your Cinnamon now with Caramel and being to bring those colours together, leaving the highlights.

I'm going to take Sandstone now and blend in circular strokes across my browns.. you may wish to leave a white highlight on your wheels or create one with a white gel pen.  I want to leave mine natural looking.

I've also added a little shadow to my dog.. I want him to be a grubby white... but by adding this shadow it doesn't look so much like I forgot to colour him in ;)

Taking Cool Grey 1, I'm going to outline a few areas I feel the shadow would fall of our images now.  Sometimes.. I 'overshadow' as I love the way it makes the images 'pop' to life!

Remember those mistakes.. going over the lines.. they're now a thing of the past!

See how I also used Cool Grey 1 to also liven up the white stripes of the jumper and add creases?

I think he looks pretty cute!!

I like to finish my images with some elaborate inking and matting:

I quite like the little wheels left with white streaks for 'motion'.
Tim Holtz distress inks rubbed in with the blending tool really soften this whole look.

For an added finishing touch, I used some Rock candy on the edges too.  Little boys are just so much fun!

I hope you enjoyed learning today how I go about my colouring. It's far from perfect but I guess it's a start if you're completely clueless on Promarkers ;)

Have fun playing!!

♥ ♥ Mel ♥ ♥


Pretty-In-Ink said...

Your colouring is fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

The Wife said...

thank you for all the tips on using the promarkers, I definitely learned a few things

Katy said...

Nice tutorial - I've just bought my first promarkers and LOVE them!