Thursday, March 18, 2010

Promarker Tips - Colouring in flesh

Today, I will be showing you how I colour in stamped images with Promarkers.  This is just my own personal preference and is by no means an expert opinion ;)

Colouring in flesh really saturates your paper with ink, so I advise to place a spare bit of card or paper underneath your image to avoid staining surfaces!

A long while ago, I decorated this clipboard just for fun! Now, It's my absolute staple for sitting in bed colouring at night with a film ;)

Here's that ink I mentioned in yesterdays post:

And another gorgeous designer stamped image from Lili Of The Valley!

Ok on with the show..

ALWAYS colour in circular motions to  achieve the best blend.  Start with your darkest colours first, then build up, going over your previous colour. (Remember to always go over your previous colour with the lightest to really blend in them layers!)

Begin by filling in your shadows. I used Putty for the darkest areas and then Blush
Think about the crevices of the nose, the shadow under the ears and towards the neckline, the way the head is circular and therefore shinier in other places.

TIP: If you have trouble trying to see shadow, look for a similar real life image and view it through slightly squinted eyes.  When you just close your eyes a little, all colours merge until you see blobs of shadow and light.

Now, colour the whole head in circular motions with Satin.

For the beautiful rosey cheeks, we're going to take a Rose Pink and colour gently just where we think the apples would be.. as if applying blusher! 
Don't be alarmed.. I know.. it looks SO bright and scary!

TIP: You have plenty of time to work with Promarkers, but try to keep it as quick as comfortably possible.. ie.. don't pop off for a cup of tea mid-layering session! Once your inks dry, if you go to layer on another colour.. you will get 'dirty' lines.

So now we need to work over the whole area with Satin again.  You may decide to take some Blush and add a little more shadowing.  This is no problem at all, just remember to go over with your lightest colour at the end.

and here we have our beautiful baby boy! I think he looks great so far, look at those gorgeous rosey baby cheeks!
The hands and legs were built in colour the same way.  Putty Then Blush and finally some Satin.

Notice how I went over the lines in some places? NO problem!  The beauty of Promarkers is that they blend and dissolve each colour before it. 

Once finished, he will be outlined in Cool Grey 1 Which will dissolve all of those mistakes and create a shadow to really make the image come to life.

Hope you found this useful today! 

Have fun playing :)

♥ ♥ Mel ♥ ♥


Pretty-In-Ink said...

Thanks mel that was great! I only have blush, so I will be investing in some putty and satin too!
I have only been using promarkers for a couple of months.
My favourite medium used to be watercolour pencils, but obviously as I mainly use my digi images now they are not really compatable with water!
So I'm still a beginer with the pens and I have been struggling!
I look forward some more tutorials.
Thanks again

qwiksave said...

Thanks VERY MUCH Mel! Really appreciate this tutorial. I've only got a small set of bright promarkers but will be treating myself to some flesh tones soon. Thanks for showing me what to do.
qwiksave x
PS Hope you liked your Rim Holtz book! :-)

Sarah A said...

Hi Mel

Fab tutorial, I currently do my lighter colours and then build up the darker shading on top then blend again with the lighter, I am not always happy with the results though. Will have a try doing it your way though and see how I get on!

Sarah x

Sarah A said...
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