Monday, February 15, 2010

My first ever cake.. My second ever child!

Today was the birthday of our beautiful princess Emily.  It's hard to think that it's been four years since I sat there holding her in my arms, waiting for daddy to return and pick us up.  We'd planned a home birth but just as I was ready to push the midwife was going off shift so I had to take a scary rush journey to the hospital.

When we got there, they put me in the delivery suite.. the exact same room I had Logan in!  As I walked in the memories and reality hit me.. Ah gosh.. AM I NUTS??

3 hours later I was home!


The Princess wanted pizza.. The Princess GOT Pizza!! Table of 9 for Pizza Hut!

I always think shop bought cakes are awful.  I can't stand the manufactured, cheap taste and Lee makes the most amazing cakes I ever tasted.. EVERYONE is crazy about them... so I felt a little stupid buying cakes! Emily would always fall in love with the designs in the shop, the characters.. so I always surrendered the cash.  This time I took her out and we chose a special cake topper together that she can keep forever.  We bought some edible glitter and I decided i'd give this my best shot.

I guess the roses turned out alright, but that's about it!

In hindsight I wish i'd bought the icing already pink.. kneading white icing and dye for half an hour was not much fun on the old arthritis! Someone was a bit anal about doing it ALL herself though...

Anyways,the finished result was knobbly and disastrous.  I was in tears really.. crying that i'd failed her and my cake was rubbish... but she absolutely loved it!

Those candles were so brilliant.. they sparkled like sparklers every now and then as they burned away.. the kids were all fighting to blow them out!

Emily had this big vanity make up case for kids from mum and dad, which is fine by me because she loves to play like face paints.  They had these brilliant stampers and body ink to make 'tattoons' like daddy, so she was straight into them.  As you can see, she was very proud of herself!

Here's me and Ez, keepin' it real.. devil horns!  I don't know what's going on with my face.. I was having a proud mummy moment. 

Ignore the trashed house with bags of presents all over the show!

So there you go..

Happy Birthday Princess, you mean so much to me.  Even though you got us out of bed at 5am this morning, I couldn't imagine my life without you.. you're my girl... one of my best friends.

Over and out!

(Long way to go till Charm City wants me..)


Maz said...

I think that cake is fab - esp if it's your first go! And I bet it tasted much better than shop bought.

sh3ri3 said...

i agree, i think the cake was fab!! Dont konw what it is with the mnth of FEB but it is full of BIRTHDAYS!!! Xx

Jordan said...

That cake is gorgeous, what were you worried about, i bet it tasted scrummy too! JS xox

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Wow mel, you did a fab job on that cake, well done. My attempts at home made cakes always go really wrong so i gave up, Asda serves me wel now, lol