Saturday, December 05, 2009

Give me an 'M'... How egotistical?!

OK.. i'm just going to straight out admit it..

I bought this M to make a beautiful piece of art for our living room that would represent the 'Marshall' family. 

Then Lee said 'M was for mommy' and I should decorate it for myself...

.. and then I downloaded this goth girl a month ago and coloured her the BEST i've ever coloured ANYTHING.. and everyone (EVERY. FREAKING. PERSON) who see's it immediately remarks 'OMG is that you?!' which is highly flattering but this image would have to be in widescreen to even start to look like me..
And the image was floating about... I was scared it would be creased or lost forever.. i've even mounted it on foam so her belly was fat.. Keepin' it real y'all! 


I feel so dirty now!  It's all out in the open..

I made a GIANT 'M'...

Anyway moving swiftly on (of course!)

Have you seen the amazing projects over at  We're currently running an advent calendar with a different festive project each day for you lucky lovely people!

Today is a project by someone you might recognise.. niftily (if I say so myself) using a snowflake punch to create a Christmas Tree.. OOooo!

So pop on over and say 'Hi'!!
(whilst you're there, there's also an interview on me.. incase you want to see my gurning face!)

Bloomin heck.. I crafted AND updated my blog..

I've come over all faint ;)



melissa75 said...

Your "m" is fabulous - I really like your goth girl - it has been beautifully coloured in! I love the black swirls against the white background!

jaynee xxx said...

where did you download her from??? she is amazing!

Anonymous said...

M for MDC