Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas fun, decorations.. and Thanksgiving!


Good morning!

Gosh it's frosty today, just perfect for waking a girl up and kicking her into action, wouldn't you say?

With everything that happened the end of this year, I didn't even know if I would be here right now.. Just taking every day as it comes and making the most of it... being incredibly thankful to see my kids grow up into beautiful people and share my life with Lee.. so.. why the heck not celebrate Thanksgiving day?

Oh ok ok .. so I wanted an excuse to cook a turkey too!!

Well, we woke up on Thanksgiving eve to find the Christmas elves had FINALLY come to decorate our house!  They had left the tree bare and a box of decorations next to it for us...


Ah! That feels better.. twinkly lights and our special baubles collected over the years always get me in the mood for mince pies and wrapping!

We had to pop out and buy some more decorations.. Every square inch wasn't basked in sparkly beauty so I wasn't satisfied!

Ahh that's better isn't it!

Go on... say it.. say what they all say..

'That's a massive star ain't it?!'  (or 'dats a massiv star ay it' if you live by me)

Thankgiving was a HUGE success!! We didn't set the oven on fire this year (HURRAH) so that's always a bonus!

After consuming copious amounts of turkey for the past week.. this picture still makes me salivate! Holy goodness it was so tasty and not dry at all.  On the last day we passed an amazing Mexican eatery but I was low on cash so we decided to use our last turkey on making our own version.  A tin of gorgeous organic tomatoes, shredded turkey and fajita seasoning left to simmer down was absolutely amazing.. like.. SOOooo good!!  Not exactly authentic or cheffy but i'd been to see santa so I was too tired for cooking!

My camera is rather tempremental indoors so when the kids were grabbing a love I just needed to take shot of it.. in all it's blurred glory!  You just can't miss a moment like that.. in focus or not (definitely not!!)

We had a really great day.. with Logan resounding ' What's this many thanks day about??'  I'm not too sure where he made that up but he's brilliant sometimes!

We had a drive around last night to see the amazing row of three houses that go crazy decorating for charity!  They're still not finished and there was a MAHOOSIVE car in my way.. but I think you get the idea:

ThomasLand was as fantastic as ever this year, but made even better because I got to share it with my family.. all 9 of us!  I won't tell you how much the tickets came up to but let's just say the savings jar covered it.. so I will definitely be saving in it again this year!

Money is unimportant when you share moments like this!

So that's everything!

I guess I get to leave you with a grade A cheesy photograph now.. MWAHAHA!!


Padster said...

Bless you Mel - that brought a tear to my ear and ot in a cheesy way
Love & Hugs

melissa75 said...

Your room looks amazing - I bet the kids love it - mine looks really dull compared to yours! That turkey looks delicious - I love turkey!