Saturday, November 07, 2009


Christmas is approaching faster than anticipated.. I'm sure the clocks are bugged, the world is spinning faster!  How can you prepare since January and still find Christmas comes from nowhere!?

I'm crafting and creating more then ever, spending amazing time with the kids (who are coming out with some daft things lately!) and yet I hardly get time to blog it all!

So.. Mrs Claus Blogs, I (am in love with) love the background and the title I made, I love updating and recording my frivolities.. but really.. I need all the spare time I can get to make the real thing happen!  So my darling sister blog has now descended into darkness as I put my priorities right and balance work/family time without other dedications chipping in!

I'm scared to death... 47 more days?!  WOW!!

Looks like i'd best crack on then!

P.S - Super fast lunch - Pizza toasts!

We use a nice heart wholegrain bread and spread a thin layer of tomato puree on. Pile high with mushrooms, sweetcorn and onions (I even used chorizo here) and grill with a sprinking of cheese for 5 minutes!  Voila!  The kids love it and we have fun making it together.  they believe they have got a giant mound of cheese instead of vegetables.. everyones happy!!


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