Monday, October 19, 2009

Warning: Sister blog gets all the action!

I haven't crafted much lately other then the commitments I have.. so there hasn't been much to say on my poor neglected blog. 

Truth is, I've had a rollercoaster of a year and the past 5 months were the hardest of all.  I just need test results now and then hopefully I can get on with living my life and move on to the future.  So, bear with me!

I crafted today for the first time in AGES!  Bed rest was killing me, I can't stand not being busy and I must have clicked on every blog in the world 32 times over the weekend! SO.. Last resort.. crafting!

Journalling reads:
'We were in and out of hospital, tired and desperate for a Christmas.  Eventually we were home, I remember eating bacon from the turkey at 2am - our first meal together in 5 days.  You were worth every second x'

I was looking through old photographs and laughed as I remembered us savagely eating the bacon that had roasted beautifully on the turkey.. no bread or anything.. at 2am!  There was no such thing as a sensible dinner time after 26 hours full labour and our first baby.  I thought times were hard back then but gosh I would love to go back and experience that world again.  That baby is so big now. *sigh*

Oh and GOSH I remember having that Christmas hat waiting for him and crossing my fingers he wouldn't wait till AFTER Christmas ;)


Speaking of babies, here's my boy Kiwi who was 2 in September.  Oh how I love my nephew, he is classed as the naughtiest boy on earth by his mum but to me he is the most perfect little angel :)
I'm going to do a bit of stamping tonight and see where that takes me! 

Guys... I think i'm back!!



Rainmac said...

God missus, what's been happening. Sending you loads of love and hugs and strength. We all love you and are thinking of you xxx

Rainmac said...

Clicked publish before I'd finished! Love your Christmas page x

melissa75 said...

What a return to crafting Mel - beautiful layouts!!!!! I love how you've folded the page over on the xmas one and its so clever how you've displayed the beads on the string. Love your "uncle hairy" one too - how cute!!!! Stunning work as always!!!

Jordan said...

Beautiful layouts sweetie, hope it all is well, and love the Christmas Blog


Carmen said...

Both pages are lovely but the Uncle Hairy one is definitely my favourite :D Love the colours you've used, love the picture and the story behind it :D

Mhaggie said...

Hello Mrs Mel,
hope you are okay........loving the layouts(as usual!!) and well done on being the srapbook apprentice! Get you!!