Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shopping Fever - Christmas Bargains and Go Go Hamsters!

This week, retail giants Amazon announced there was now no minimum order amount for free delivery!  I already hold this company in good stead after receiving unbeatable customer service and they just get better and better.

On a recent trip to Toys R Us (one of many) Emily finally took a liking to something.. A little furry hamster that squeaked when you press its nose.  Not wanting to show an interest or a hint of a purchase I make a mental note to look online at a later date and watched in amazement as it seemed every person in the store had some of these critters in their shopping trolleys!

Oh and the horror of it all..

.. When my aging brain remembered to look online I realised that this hamster is this years predicted NUMBER ONE selling toy for Christmas!  Oh NO!  They are going for crazy prices on Ebay already.

Cheapest prices:
Of course, price is irrelevant.. stock is more the issue! Some people get lucky in their area though:

For a hamster and the funhouse get yourself onto
They currently offer a deal where you can get the hamster (9.99) for half price when purchased with the fun house (19.99)

All hamsters are 9.99 and 3 for 2 in Boots stores and on but currentely out of stock.

The manufacturers sell the complete range on their website with free delivery over 25.00  I was lucky enough to grab a few sets and accessories on here earlier this week.  Be sure to sign up for the stock notification email.

Be wary of over inflated prices and make sure that if these items are on your childs list, you begin to shop now to avoid disappointment!

Is it just me or are the toy shops packed  and sold-out already?!

Hugs and Cocoa

Mrs Claus xx

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Rainmac said...

My DS1 wants a DSi for Xmas - £150!!! If you see any bargains please point me in the right direction ;-)