Monday, October 19, 2009

Nintendo DSi - Can you spot any bargains?

I have been asked today if there are any bargains for the Nintendo DSi. I know Christmas is all about love and family, religion and birth but also when you have children.. it's about magic and the ability to grant their special wishes just once a year.  So, needless to say I got cracking on the DSi hunt!


Buy a DSi for a 13% saving of 129.99 and choose a selected game for just 5 pounds PLUS an accesory kit for free!  The games are pretty decent too, Star Wars and My Sims Agents are surely winners this christmas!

Obviously as the race hots up towards Christmas you could find yourself faced with sell out news or hold out and there could be some fanastic bargains heading your way.  It's a tough decision to make!

Either way, I can see Mr Claus having a sneaky go on these before they are wrapped up ;)

With love
Mrs Claus xx

1 comment:

Rainmac said...

You are blooming fabulous Mrs Claus, I have £20 of Amazon vouchers too!!!