Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holidays are coming, Ikea agrees!

That has just festived me to the maximum (is that even a phrase?)

Oh and if that wasn't good enough, Ikea just mailed to tell me the whole Christmas shebang is ready instores! Oh sweet mother!!

If you click >Here<

You can view Ikeas Christmas chaos and click on different sections such as:
+ Bags Boxes and Wrappings
+ Advent Calendar Stockings
+ Bakeware

Etc! Oh my goodness I am so there!!  Looks more like heaven than chaos to me.

My Poinsettia has been growing great this year so she needs a beautiful new pot.. Oh and look at that for a co-incidence:

Oh and whilst I am there I might accidentally purchase these to create a layout or four on ;)

SO excited now! MUST take my traditional trip to Ikea for a taste of traditional Swedish Christmas :)

With Love

Mrs Claus xx


Rainmac said...

So exciting!!! I love the video, had to play it twice ;-)

Rainmac said...

Mrs Claus, do you have something to share with us about news in a certain magazine publication...??? Many many congrats to you, completely deserved you crafty lady x