Saturday, October 10, 2009

Classic Christmas kids film - Home Alone Bargain Boxset!

Grab a BARGAIN to add to your Christmas DVD Stash (if you criminally don't already own it!)

Home Alone 1/2/3/4
Only 8.99 at HMV!

(Don't forget Quidco)

Ok so hands up if you had a crush on Macaulay Culkin when you was younger?  Or in fact if you are old enough to have seen this at the cinema on release! 

Home Alone is an absolute classic film featuring an endearing tale of a boy who is left behind by his stressed out mother and has to fend for himself.  I believe the focus is to show the importance of family but I was always left awake at night wishing my mum would accidentally leave me at home and planning what i'd do!

The later films all faced harsh reviews from critics but I enjoyed each one of them and think the stories still hold up well for todays modern age kids!

Oh go on.. just buy it for yourself ;)

Mrs Claus x

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