Monday, October 26, 2009

Cards for Alicia - Please help!

One thing that always strikes a huge chord with me, is the suffering and pain of others.  It paticularly hurts me to see a child go through such a hard time as Alicia will be.  Alicia has a low grade glioma in her brain which is potentially life-threatening in children.  The glioma is inoperable but she can and needs to have some treatment to reduce the size.  Unfortunately this involves a trip to the states which the Health care will partially fund, leaving her parents with a 50,000 bill.  I'm sure they have enough worries right now.

If you can help by creating something that could be sold, anything at all.. Please contact them through the blog and donate. 

Myself and all the Docrafts girls I can muster are going to be putting forth our efforts soon :)

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