Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And the winner is...

It has been a long and exciting journey to the end of DoCrafts Scrapbook Apprentice.  Just the very start of it was enough to bring me into a panic induced heart attack.

From creating with ONLY Coredinations and some bare essentials:

To the brightest, daring colours I have ever used before, completely taking me out of my comfort zone:

But as I said at the beginning of this post.. it was a journey to the END.

Back in August I was chosen by the judges to be the DoCrafts Scrapbook Apprentice.. I WON!! Something I just never thought I could achieve, I never had the confidence in myself.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support throughout the competition.  I can't tell you how many messages and emails I have had, telling me I was your chosen Apprentice and you love my work.  Self confidence of a frumpy mum is steadily increasing! :)  Thank you, it meant a lot to me.

Most of all, a huge thank you to the DoCrafts team. They have been consistently amazing throughout and sure do know how to set a good challenge.  I have been working as a paid designer there now for a few months and it already feels like a second family.  A special Thank you to Katy Godbeer who is just the most freakin' coolest 'boss' you will ever get to work for..

.. She once got through to the boot camp on X Factor you know!

Thank you for your support and guidance.. Geekchat rules!

SO as this is turning into a speech.. *ahem*  I just wanted to say thank you to my best friend Sunshine who has been a rock to me.  My girls on MSE who have been like team Mel! and lastly, my husband - my inspiration who believed in me from the start... who told me:

'It doesn't matter who wins, what matters is you was in it.. and to me you will always be the best damn scrapbooker in the world.. and you got a great bum'.

So thank you everyone, I am working hard and I hope to live up to your expectations.

Now I need to just go do a screaming dance again... I WON!!!!!


Jordan said...

Well done sweetie, i knew you could do it :D <3 love and hugs

Rainmac said...

Yaaaayyyyy, huge well done Mel, you completely deserve to win as you're so talented xxx

Paula said...

Woo Hoo our Mel won woo hoo that is fan blooming tastic Mel you so deserve it i only found out a few days ago when i got the latest copy of the do crafts mag lol any way woo hoo.
Paula xxxx

Clare said...

Well Done Melanie, you deserve it! Welcome to the mad docrafts bunch, I hope you'll be very happy, covered in glitter and the like! Looking forward to admiring your work for many years to come! Love, Clare x

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Oh Mel, i am so sorry i didnt congratulate you sooner. I am so out of the craft loop with my uni studies and unexpected pregnancy. But i suddenly bhad an urge to look you up and this is what i find.

Well done you, well deserved for a very talented crafter.