Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Add Christmas Cheer to your life!

How FABULOUS are these bin bags?! 

I can just imagine the look on neighbours faces when you put the rubbish out, the smirk it would bring to the bin men!  Tis the season!

Available at Play for a princely 8.99 for 12 delivered.

Go on.. you know you want to ;)

11 weeks and 2 days to go.. my word! I must get cracking on!

Mrs Claus xxx


Rainmac said...

Hi Mrs Claus!!!! I love these bags but 8.99!!!, if they were 4.99 I would do it but not sure about 8.99. Need to get ebaying more stuff then maybe I can treat myself to some bin bags ;-) x

leia said...

Omg these are amazing! I will soo be buying some for OH's Mum who goes all out at Christmas x

Chocolate Orange said...

If you have a looksie on Play it has a link that if you click on it, Takes you to 2 for £10.
So you can pick up 2 or get something else. Theres quite a selection on there :O) x