Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The SHo Ho Ho Must go on!

I had a wonderful holiday last week (thanks for asking) and now I return full of vigor to share the Christmas Spirit - 100 days to go tomorrow - How exciting!
How simple and delicate are these little holly earrings:
These would look fabulous on a card bearing a Christmas Poem to sell or use as gifts in velvet pouches! :)
How about these hair bows!:
Anyone who knows me will agree I have a homemade hair bow obsession.. they are just soo cute!  I will have to add some Christmas ones to my handmade list.. perhaps a little Jack Skellington on  mine though ;)
Tonight.. I am going to attempt some Fimo modelling!  Wish me luck!
How's your grand plan cleaning coming along?  I need to actually start mine ;) Ahh well!  Tis the season!
Mrs. Claus xxx

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Rainmac said...

Love both of those Mel, don't ask about my cleaning ;-) it's, errr, going ok but I'm not completely following the plan. Having it there though is making me do stuff that I think I would have left until much later. 100 days - bring it on!!!