Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Seaside Adventure

We decided last minute to go away on thursday to Barmouth. A few people have asked about the pictures so I thought I would make a blog entry instead of a ton of emails ;)

On the way to Barmouth I was keeping my eye open for a little narrow gauge railway where the original trains come from in 'Thomas the Tank engine.' As luck would have it, we went right by it and I had to stay there for Logey the anorak!

(oops forgot to turn it haha!)

We had a wonderful time seeing real old fashioned steam engines in action and the weather was completely glorious. Next stop - Snowdonia National Park for some sandwiches and to meet up with mum and dad - then ON to Barmouth!

Logan was absolutely in his element building giant sand castles and jumping down the sandy banks. Emily on the other hand was escaping live-burial from daddy and stamping on sandcastles!

It felt really amazing to watch them have such a wonderful time because I had promised and been unable to afford or find the energy to get the beach for two years now.

So we was watching them having a wonderful time, Splashing in rock pools and smiling so bright. We was feeling amazing getting away from the never ending decorating and catching fish in rock pools was a million miles away from home! SO.. Well.. We have been talking about going back to our special place, Blackpool ever since we left there 3 years ago. We love it so much.. and just haven't been able to afford a return trip even though we say we will every year..

and the washing machine and drier just broke..

.. and..

Well.. we decided to do the stupid thing and just drive to Blackpool! No money and 4 hours later we realised we was going the wrong way so we stopped at the Premier Inn which was amazingly comfortable and the kids were so excited.. they thought it was a beach house and they got their own room to share.

Feeling fresh and with an olden days Sat Nav in hand (Map!) we got to Blackpool pretty quickly and once there the kids were so excited (and so was we to be honest lol)

First stop will always be.. CORAL ISLAND! It felt amazing having a drink with two grown kids chatting about how they felt and sharing our excitement. The first thing I did was take Emily on this ride she used to love on her first visit three years ago and I think she still loves it now:

With the power of technology let's travel back three years:

Isn't that so cute?!

One thing that has grown a lot in 3 years is my boy Logan.. and wow he IS a boy now. He loved riding on every single vehicle imaginable, cars/trucks/rockets/bike - Everything!

(I am just listening to these two now and Emily is saying she wants to live in a castle when she is bigger with a merry-go-round inside it.. Logan has chose a beach house with a ping pong ball table..?)

(Oh yeah this one is to the right as well haha)

We took the kids to Sea Life and for the first time in about 7 visits they was actually enthralled and excited. I have never been to a Sea Life as amazing as Blackpool.. the sharks and sheer amount of exotic and beautiful sea life is just breathtaking.

After a big long walk round Sea Life we decided to go on some rides. Emily exhausted all of the little fun fairs so we left Logan and daddy to the boys rides and had a little flitter on the 2p machine! One pound later and we had a little stash.. Emily was so happy when I won her a token badge that she exchanged for this:

She called it Sunshine!! Can you believe that :) I was thinking of loads of names but nothing was coming to mind (2p sounds more like a rapper than a doll) and she chose Sunshine.. that's a wonderful name for a best friend dont you think?

We went down to the beach and it was looking great, they are really making such an amazing change there and Blackpool was clean and looking good.

We needed to get warm after an hour down on the windy beach so it was back into another arcade where Lee decided he wanted to try his hand at the 2p machine after Logan took a shine to a lovely 'Writchwatch'. 3 pounds and loads of fun later..

(The photo quality is getting worse and worse.. the will to try was just lacking lol) It was the world fireworks championships that night and we was so lucky to witness the most amazing fireworks i'd ever seen. Some were angled like UFO's in the sky. Incredible. This is my favourite sort or firework:

We decided to embark on a journey home through the illuminations... and when we finally got to the best ones...

Ahh well never mind eh! So.. on the way home, they close the M6 down from 4 lanes to 1. Oh my word. It took about 4 hours to do 15 miles. At around 3am we finally got home and it felt so good to be home.

So.. now i'm tired out and poor.. but I still got those pictures forever and I think they show we have some pretty priceless and special memories. Right now I am really living by the motto of making the most of every second, you never know how long you have got left in life.

I'm hoping to craft tonight (talk about living life on the edge) that's if i'm not asleep hehe!!

if you got this far.. well done ;)

Big hello and waves to my best friend Sunshine x

see you soon!


Rusty said...

Some beautiful pictures and lots of lovely memories made! The kids look so happy!

Padster said...

Awwwww HUGS

Rainmac said...

Ooohhh Mel, what a fab time you all had. Sometimes I think you have to say sod the money, lets do it! Your memories and photos of the trip will last forever xxx

melissa75 said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time, I bet the kids will be talking about it for weeks.

MDC said...

This is really wonderful Mel, it is nice to see you getting a break for once :)

Marg said...

Glad you had a good time Mel - Why don't you send the pic of Logan & the big wheel to Blackpool Tourism & see if they want it for their next brochure?