Saturday, August 01, 2009

Mrs. Claus is coming to town...

She's blogging a list,
She's checking it twice,
with home made gifts,
and a little surprise..

Mrs. Claus is coming to town!

It appears we have gone into full mental meltdown here but what the heck, it's for the most wonderful time of the year!

Since time began my mother was always known as Mrs. Claus. Decorating her abode with an ovewhelming abundance of colourful lights and tinsel, a tree in every room and the air filled with that familiar smell of mince pies baking. 6 Years ago I left that magical world to begin my own journey into Christmas and here I stand, the young Mrs. Claus ready and willing to spread Christmas joy into the hearts of my own family.

Join me as I document my countdown to Christmas and list the planning and preparation I hope to achieve this year.
With Love
Mrs. Claus x


Dappyme said...

Hehehe! Will watch and read with interest! So glad there is someone else who loves Christmas as much as me! xxxx

Rainmac said...

What a fab blog Mrs Claus, looking forward to watching it grow x