Sunday, August 16, 2009

Martha Stewart is a Christmas saviour!

I have just been browsing across the website of an extremely talented Martha Stewart (Please reincarnate me with her talent in the next life) and realised I hadn't yet search out the Christmas crafts! Slap my wrists!

Here is some absolute eye candy and I shall definitely be attempting a majority of these ideas over the next few months:

Absolutely genius, making a stocking from a fringed scarf:

Sweetie heaven and oh so festive, I would definitely love to attempt these olde sweet shoppe style jars:

Gift card holder ideas:

'Spread cheer with batches of homemade cocktail mixers for Bloody Marys, cranberry cocktails, and apricot-ginger fizzes':

Bottle Wraps, customised and personal, much better than shop bought holographic monstosities:

Bath Salts, perfect for a pamper hamper and definitely cost effective:

Candles wrapped in cinnamon sticks, very couture:

Antique and charity shop finds, adorable little tea cups filled with wax and essences to make beautiful little unique candles:

They have some fabulous quality frames in the Poundshop but the designs let them down. Cover them with your favourite papers or fabric to rennovate and create a stylish gift:

A matchbox, a paper piercer and some tiny beads.. and you have a home made little maze game, a classic from my childhood!:

(These would be perfect put into childrens stockings and customised with their favourite characters.. obviously.. Be careful as they pose a choking hazard)

Hand customised tea towels:

'Use a set of hand towels and a letter stencil. Lay towel over a sheet of paper. Center stencil on towel and, holding it firmly, apply two coats of washable fabric paint with a medium-size brush. Remove stencil, and let dry, about three hours.'

Sweet mother.. someone make these for me!:

Macadamia Butter-Crunch Popcorn and Chocolate-Almond Popcorn, in one popcorn tin.

An indulgent and wonderful gift for my nan:

Handmade flavoured coffee.. Just add cinnamon or nutmeg to medium bodied ground coffee:

Little loaves of love, I think these are so cute and would be perfect for a neighbour with a bag of speciality coffee:

As would these:

You can find all instructions and ideas here:

Enjoy your creative side and give someone a special personal gift this year :)

Mrs Claus xx


Rainmac said...

Wow wow wow, I need an extra 3 months between now and Christmas to make some of this beautiful stuff!!!

ruths1business said...

same as rainmac...thankyou for posting all these, it's got me so excited again...I've missed you and your unique christmas enthusiasm xxx I like the cinnamon candles and the teacup candles too...don't know if mine will be anywhere near as good but I shall have a try, scattymam1 xxx

Liberty :) said...

ooh good old Martha! These are fabulous!!