Sunday, August 09, 2009

Love sprinkled with snowflakes :)

I have been doing this layout for absolutely ages! (Click to enlarge image) Hard lesson learnt: The longer you take a break from scrapbooking, the harder it gets to scrap! I am not overly pleased with it but the memories are down on paper and that's what matters most to me.

I rarely get any 'me' time these days as I have been trying to decorate the house and last week we got another offer for a perfect home but it fell through again. I'm not interested anymore, I lost interest a long time ago when I started building my memories and my life right here in this house I call 'home'. Im very happy though and there is nothing more rewarding then working your hardest all day and then enjoying a good home cooked meal and a sit down at night. Life feels so rewarding.

I have been thinking a lot about Christmas lately (no change there) so I decided to create a blog dedicated to the crazy amounts of organisation and excitement I put in all year, for those to share who are Christmas fanatical like me :)

Right then.. I'm slacking off here.. No decorating today because it's sunday and there is no better time for a day off ;) I am going to attempt to catch up on house work though. 'Attempt'.


Jo Power said...

Love the layout really nice and the photo's are lovely. Good luck on the decorating I'm better at the home cooked meals. LOL. xx

Rainmac said...

Beautiful layout Mel, off to have a quick look at your Xmas