Thursday, August 27, 2009

Christmas Plans and Jamie Oliver

Christmas time is all about family for me, so I always ensure that we complete a 'family values' worksheet from: which enables me to ask Mr. Claus how he truly felt last year went in hindsight.
Holiday Values Worksheet
Results show that we are always very rushed on Christmas Day, so this year I have accepted my mothers invitation to dinner (after last years fire) and planned that we will have a relaxed and enjoyable faux Christmas dinner on Thanksgiving day (26th November) because I really have a lot to be thankful for and would love to dedicate a day to celebrate love and family.

So.. what to cook?

For me, it has to be turkey every single time. I hear so many complaints and frustrations over the dryness of meat and endless leftovers but I really can't get enough!

When it comes to cooking.. This man is my hero:

This DVD is absolutely fantastic and can be purchased from Home Bargains for 49p! I purchased my copy when it was first released and have used it every year to get me in the festive baking mood.

Jamie's methods give you crispy roast potatos and succulent turkey every time. I especially love the flavoured butters you can prepare in advance and freeze to use on veg throughout the season and on the big day. He walks you through what you can prepare in advance, the timeplan and advice on selecting meat.

But what about starters and desserts? I have just started to trawl this thread on his forum:
which is absolutely jam packed with amazing ideas. I will definitely attempt my own 'Italian sausage and chestnut stuffing' this year - Sounds incredible!

And on that note.. I shall leave you whilst I salivate over gingerbread trifles and beef wellington..

Best Wishes

Mrs Claus xx


Rainmac said...

Fab, fab, fab!!! We tend to split ourselves between my m&d's and OH's m&d's at Christmas and the days are usually a bit stressful to say the least. Never thought of doing our own special meal on a different day, thank you Mel for a great idea x

flourgirl said...

WOW Mel you sound super organized, Christmas can be a very stressful time. I love the idea of having a special family day. I am very lucky for the last 32 years I have had all the family for dinner and I delegate and ask everyone to contribute something, then I dont have to spend hours in the kitchen and its very MSE:)