Sunday, August 02, 2009

Christmas Door Hanger - Present Idea

This year I have created a list of things I hope to achieve for Christmas, one of those is to make Christmas special for my mum.
It's hard to believe she was once a little girl (hehe) but as I grow older, I realise I never feel any different inside but I am expected to accept a less magical and boring life. There is no way this young at heart girl will allow that so why should I expect it of my parents? My mum should still have a Christmas like when she was younger with all the magic of surprise gifts and trips out, I also don't want her to miss out now that we have all left home so every day a part of me will be there.
I am working towards some little surprise gifts for my mum in the form of an advent hamper so that she can open a present every day and receive a little magic. Hopefully she will be bursting with excitement by the time the big day comes round :)
So here is a simple gift I have created, a Christmas door Hanger:

I think this will make the perfect gift for day 1 to welcome Christmas.
I used an acrylic album by Papermania (Currently on offer for just a few pounds at their online store) and pulled it apart so that each page can be converted into a hanger. Diamond glaze is the perfect adhesive for this so that no glue shows through.
I think this is a fun and cheap gift that will make use of any craft scraps you have and be treasured for years.


Rainmac said...

Wow Mel, that is absolutely stunning xxx

cazsmum said...

Wow! So beautiful - your talent never fails to amaze me x

Katy said...

Gorgeous honey!! Love acrylic pieces and you have made this just fabulous :)