Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Christmas Scrapbooking and cute Travis-ness

Yeh.. 'Travis-ness' is a word, look it up in the cute-tionary! :)

If you did, this would be the picture accompanying the definition:

That's my new nephew *squeal with excitement*

I went down there for a little photoshoot yesterday.. Oh ok ok.. I lie.. I went for a cuddle. What did I tell his daddy.. DON'T give him to uncle Lee because babies puke all over him.. would they listen.. NO! So my husband immediately was covered in milky vom all down his legs. It was so funny I wish I'd recorded it.

I finally finished a layout from 2008. It's not even Christmas yet so don't sneer at me alright!! I've been busy *raspberry*

I am biased but look at those beautiful little cute kids.. aren't they the best in the whole wide world? Without questions? YES? I knew it!!

The layout is soooo much more prettier in real life with glitter and layers of fabric and glazes. Damn my photography 'skills'.

So today... OMG.. Martha Stewart came to my house in the form of a Doily Lace Punch. Sweet goodness I have wanted one of these for so long and it was totally sold out everywhere but I have got one in my hot little hands now and damnit I have already punched everything I can see.

Lee says I don't do trends.. I just do tools and when I get a new one you can see it on every single page for a month ;) I'm up for that...

Ready..... STEADY... punch!!

When the punch arrived today Lee asked if it was going to be a boxing gloves on a spring.. a punch... hahhahah oh hilarity.. men just don't get it.


Padster said...

Absolutely beautiful hunny!

Hope you're ok

Rainmac said...

Mel, I want a cuddle with Travis too, he is sooooo cute xxx

Love your Christmas page, it's beautiful x

Mhaggie said...

What a gorgeous nephew you have!
Mine are all grown up men and women now!

i love your Christmas page

MDC said...

Baby VEX is so cute :D