Monday, June 15, 2009

Twilight bracelet - Esme :)

I promised a picture of the bracelet I got for my birthday but I have not successfully had a moment to photograph it yet! If lee is not hogging the camera then I am busy full of flu trying to meet deadlines.

Here is a pic from the interwebs anyways:

and in the process of finding that I have stumbled across so much that I want to buy right now! This is SO mine:

I can't wait for New moon to come out. I might have to read the collection for a third time now just to trully embed each line into my memory :D

This bracelet is so special to me because Esme is the gentle soul that truly loves and cares for people, the mother of the family. She is also the perfect companion to Carlisle as they are such clear soulmates (Do vampires have souls?) and when Lee handed me the present, he told me that this was perfect for me because I am his Esme. I am trully happy and in love right now, enjoying wearing my beautiful new bracelet and enjoying being in my own fairytale.

If this bracelet can also make me thin then I am going to cry.

Just kidding :)

Do you like the new blog look? I got a new name too. I felt like the words, 'random' and 'musings' were on every single blog I had visited and it was driving me insane! 'Home is where the He{art} is' just came to me so naturally and I love it. It's weird to have a change after two years :)

Off to do some scrapping now.. Maybe I might show you some soon!!



Jo Power said...

I love your bracelet and think the new look and name is brilliant.

Chocolate Orange said...

Mel, i love your new look blog.

Oooh loving your bracelet too :O)

Mhaggie said...

hi Mel,
hope you are okay!
i love your work in this months apprentice challenge. i love your paper ripping/curled effect around the edges.
And how cool is your boy with his shades !!
mhags x